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In Asara, you take on the role of a wealthy builder competing to bring the most prestige to your name through constructing the largest and most ornate towers in the city. The game is played over 4 rounds (years), during which you will be acquiring the pieces for your towers and assembling them. Players are given a hand of cards with different colors. On their turn, players play a card from their hand to an action space on the board. These spaces allow players to acquire tower pieces, get money, build a portion of their towers, etc. Once a card has been played in one of the action spaces on the board, all subsequent cards played in that area have to follow the original card&rsqu...

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2010 Asara Tower Building Strategy Family Board Game Ravensburger 2-4p 9+ 45m


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Asara: Il Paese delle 1000 Torri [Multilang] - Boardgame Ravensburger