Anomia: Party Edition

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Anomia: Party Edition Board Game

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Anomia: Party Edition adds 6 new decks to the Anomia card game family. Each deck is a word game in which players sequentially place a card face-up in front of them in a stack. As each card is revealed, players look for matching symbols between their card and any other card. If a match occurs, the two matching players face-off and must quickly give an example of something within the category (eg. breakfast food, lake, reptile) listed on the opposing player's card. The first person to finish saying a correct answer wins the face-off and takes the opponent's card into a face down "winnings" pile. Since cards are played on top of each other, the player who lost the face-off reveal...

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Anomia Party Edition Board Game Ages 10+ For 3-6 Players - NEW SEALED