Adventure Ink: Five Factions of Filigree

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Adventure Ink: Five Factions of Filigree Board Game

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Adventure Ink: Five Factions of Filigree is a cooperative storytelling game where Players embark on an adventure in the world of Filigree. Player characters form an Adventuring Party that interacts with the inhabitants of Filigree and with each other. Each character has their own unique set of items, skills and magic. Together you will solve puzzles, engage in battles, gather loot and decide the path your story will take. As the game progresses, your character will earn Experience Points and level up, discover new locations, acquire and craft items, learn new skills and magic, master weaponry and become increasingly powerful through many different types of encounters in an ever changing world. Adventure Ink is a write-and-role playing game. At times you will be drawing cards and rolling dice, and then writing the results of your draws and rolls on various game components, including the dry erase gameplay board. These results will assist you in role playing as your character within the illustrated settings you help create. Using an innovative character personality system and a deterministic tactical combat system, battle outcomes will be determined based on your strategies and decisions, not on dice rolls or randomly drawn modifiers. The game can be played as a single competitive/cooperative skirmish or as a cooperative campaign over a series of sessions where, as a group, you will use the accompanying Scenario book to choose which path to follow from a series of encounters. A Game Master, or “GM”, who reads the story and controls the various Non-Player Characters (“NPCs”) is not needed to play Adventure Ink. —description from the publisher

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