Catan the Board Game Review

To give it its full name Settlers of Catan is a board game designed by Klaus Teuber, and winner of the Spiel des Jahres in 1995, so by all accounts a very old game but one that is always spoken about when the best board games are mentioned.

Settler of Catan Rules and Gameplay

Settlers of Catan the board game box review
Settle, gather resources and build on the multi-coloured hexi-tiles island of Catan

The board game Catan is a played using a board built out of hexagonal tiles and these represent the island of Catan. At the beginning of a game, these tiles are arranged either to a set pattern or randomly but the sea tiles must always be placed around the inner, land tiles. Each inner island file represents a different resource that the island can offer e.g. ore, grain, wood, wool and brick. Numbered tokens are then placed on each of the tiles, except for the 'island' tile which has no resources.

Each island file represents a different resource: ore, grain, wood, wool or brick.

The basic premise of the board game Settlers of Catan is to build settlements and roads at the corners and on the edges of the tiles (which are incidentally hexagons). Each player starts the game with two settlements and two adjoining road segments and has to collect resources to be able to build more. A player is only allowed to build settlements at the end of one of your roads, and no two settlements may be built on adjacent corners.

A Player's Turn in Catan

Each player's turn consists of: rolling two dice to see which resources can be collected: every player that has a settlement on a tile with the dice roll number can pick up the resource associated with the tile. As the game progresses, players begin to amass the various resources and can during their turn, spend those collected resources to build more roads and settlements. One road costs one brick and one wood, one brick, one wood, one wool and one grain allows the player to build a settlement. Whilst two grain and three ore builds a city. A city will upgrade a settlement and means that a player collects double the resources for tiles where they would normally only get one. Player's resources may also be exchanged for development cards which again allow them to perform certain additional actions when played during a turn (but only one card can be played per turn).

Get Catan Resources and Get Catan Victory Points!

In addition to the normal collection of resources from tiles, a player can interact with each other and perform trades in an attempt to gain those valuable resources they need but an opponent might not. A player may also trade off the island by changing 4 of the same cards from their hand with any other card they want from the pool of cards, or if they venture to the outer edges of the tiles there are seaports that, if you have a settlement on, can give better trading rules like changing 2 wood resources for any other resource.

As the game progresses, players score Victory Points (VP) for various actions they perform, like building a settlement gains 1 VP, a city 2 VP and so on. The first player to reach 10 Victory Points is the winner!

Catan Board Game Opinion

Settlers of Catan the board game is on the surface a straightforward resource gathering and building game that presents you with enough variation to make it both enjoyable and replayable, from the hexagon tiles which allow for varying initial layouts (much like the much newer Istanbul board game does), to the land and sea tile and the various types of resources and way to exchange them.

Catan is a very friendly Euro style board game without any nasty skulduggery.

The game presents many different possible options for you as to where to build or what to exchange that it does require an amount of logical thinking to both allow you to gain those all-important victory points but also to try and stop your opponents getting them, whether that be by not trading with them or blocking off their available building options. That being said the game is a very friendly Euro play and doesn't call for much in the way of skullduggery or fiendish backstabbing, there are no hidden surprises or traitors in the pack (see Dead of Winter for that).

Settlers of Catan Game Review Rating

The Board Game Box's verdict is a old-school classic, Euro friendly play

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