Biblios Board Game Review

Biblios is a card and dice game created by Steve Finn in 2007 for two to four players and plays for around 30 to 45 minutes. The point of the game Biblios is for that player is a monk, vying for the favour of the Chief Abbott. Your goal is to build the most impressive collection of Manuscripts, Holy Books, Pigments, Monks, and Forbidden Tomes for the Monastery’s library. These are represented by a deck of cards and a number of different coloured dice; there's not much in the small box which on the plus side means it is easy to take with you to the pub or on a journey across the sea, maybe even up, up and away in a hot air balloon. Unfortunately, for us the game lost its charm pretty much after the first play. Whilst the gameplay is pretty simple and easy to learn or teach that then becomes the problem in that there isn't really much to do and it is too simple. Once you've gone around a few times picking up cards and changing dice it is boring very quickly. But hey, don't just take our word for it, read some other reviews of the game which are probably more favourable.

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Board Game Reviews by Josh

I don't really have any "cons" for Biblios. I found the game to be very fun, and I could play it repeatedly. I think that it is a great filler game or lunch game, but I don't know that I would go to a gaming session explicitly to play Biblios (though I'd consider it), which is the only thing that keeps it's score out of the upper echelon. Read the full review here.

I have played this game with two and three players, and the auction works well with both.
boardgamereviewsbyjosh's Biblios board game review
Monks doing some monking about with books and dice.

Geek Girl Authority says this about Biblios

Since opening it up I have played Biblios at family gatherings with non-gamers, the local beer garden with casual gamers, and at the store’s game day with the hard core players, and it seems that everyone digs Biblios. Read the full article here.

Geek Girl Authority's Biblios board game review
Dice'n'drinks during a Biblios board game session

Two Board Meeples Biblios review

Biblios is a fairly lightweight game in terms of components. Included in the book-shaped magnetic box are five dice, a small board, and a deck of almost 90 cards. The dice each have a different color (brown, blue, green, orange, and red), representing the five categories players can earn points in by getting a majority of that color’s cards by the end of the game. Read the full article here.

Another image of the components in Biblios the board game
Another image of the components in Biblios the board game.
All in all, I think it would be difficult to find a game that can get players of all types more excited than Biblios does.

Tom's Biblios opinion

In a 2 player game, you see 66% of the cards during the gift phase. In a 4 player game you see 70% of the cards. This is why I call it a partial-information card game, since you don’t have complete knowledge about all of the cards in play, but you do know most of them. Due to this, you can guess what categories the other players are collecting. With this information, you can determine how strongly you want to pursue each category. For example, if you never see anyone take any Pigments and you already have a 4-value and a 3-value, you know there is a pretty good chance you could win that category. Read the full review here.

Overall, I think this is an excellently designed/developed game. I can put a lot of thought into my play

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