Best Board Games To Give As Gifts

A look at some of the best board games you can give as gifts

It is almost that time of year when the nights draw in, the evenings darken and leaves drift endlessly across the roads and pavements; floating their autumnal colours from tree to soil. And so with the advent of Autumn, we are gently coaxed into the festive period, we are drawn relentlessly towards Christmas. Shops begin their covert mission to advertise Xmas offerings on shelves that used to display barbeques or garden shears. Children's eyes widen as the toy and games shelves fill up with the latest Lego Harry Potter sets or this year's must-have fad toy. It becomes the perfect opportunity to give a board game as a gift to someone you love, so we've compiled a list of the best boards to give as gifts this festive period.

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Board games as gifts on Christmas Day

What better way to see faces light up on Christmas day as loved ones frantically rip the wrapping paper from the next box shape on the pile, than by giving a board game as a gift? In preparation for Christmas 2019, we have decided to compile a list of the best board games to give as gifts. It is by no means the complete list of games to give, but hopefully, it will provide you with some gift ideas that will enable you to purchase a great board game for someone you love, or someone you hate; in that case by them the board game Monopoly as a gift.

Here's the list: best board games to give a gifts

Of course, as with the giving of any gift, it is always good to know what kinds of things the receiver likes, what are their interests, do they even like board games, would they want to receive a board game as a gift? You wouldn't want to give someone that has a pathological fear of the unknown a Cuthulu based horror epic like the Arkham Horror Card Game or Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu.


Santorini is a great 2 player board game and one that would be much appreciated if given as a gift this Christmas. The basic principle is to win you need to get one of your workers onto the 3rd level of the Santorini towers before your opponent. Both you and your opponent then enter a cat and mouse game of trying to build whilst stopping the other player from building, in a game of 3D chess.


A tile-based board game of collecting resources around the town of Istanbul to then exchange those resources for rubies. The player that reaches the winning number of rubies first... wins. Istanbul is a little more complex than some of the other board game gifts we've listed but once you've played through a couple of times there are ample amounts of fun and interest to be had. The colourful tiles that represent each area of the town and the places where you can get a post or buy some fruit, are fun to look at and the components are of high quality making it a satisfying board gaming experience.

Colt Express

Jump aboard the cardboard Colt Express and try to shoot, punch and steal your way to become the best outlaw riding the train. This is a fun game where there is no board but a cardboard 3D train and carriages. You play as a cowboy/girl character and are trying to steal money and jewels placed throughout the train by moving and then shooting or fighting the other cowboys on the train. Character movement is done 'blind' as each player places there desired action into a common pool and then they are revealed once everyone has chosen. So, you must remember your previous action that round whilst factoring in how other players may have acted around you.

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A worker placement game where you must collect resources like salt, pepper, and dates and turn them into victory points, by coordinating two pieces alongside an evolving board of cards. Targi is a great game for two and so a perfect gift for that special person in your life.


Collect sets by selecting which card to keep, which cards to give opponents and which card to save for the auction that follows. In Biblios because of the amount of hidden information, nobody else is quite sure what sets you are collecting, and the value of each is manipulated throughout.


This award-winning board game lets you create an island on which you must settle, build and eat food. You’ll use the dice to work with brick, lumber, ore, grain, and wool to create resources and build new settlements. Beware of robbers and other sneaky plotters as you strive for victory. Catan is world-famous as one of the greatest board games ever produced and would be the ideal gift for any tabletop gaming enthusiast that doesn't already own it.

Resident Evil 2: The Board Game

Like many big box board games Resident Evil 2 started as a Kickstarter project but is now available from Amazon and other retailers. Unlike other zombie games like Zombicide, the vibe here is much closer to the survival horror feel of the Resident Evil video games. Any Resident Evil fan would be very pleased to receive this board game as a gift in their stocking this Christmas.

Mansions of Madness

Another giant-box-game. This is great awesome because it includes tons of floor tiles with which to create a haunted mansion, plus dozens of plastic miniatures for investigators and monsters. The vibe is definitely classic old-school Lovecraft, and Mansions of Madness board game actually requires you to use its companion app, which creates the layout, spawns monsters and even adds sound effects.

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