Top Selling Board Games of All Time

Selling a Board Game

Everybody wants to know about the Top 5 or Top 10 of something, the biggest ball of rubber bands or the World's Largest Frying Pan. We all love a list of top stuff that we can quickly glance at and syphon off a nugget or two of information to throw at a friend at a party. But have you ever stopped to wonder what the Top Selling Board Games of All Time are? No, probably not but that's ok, it's not really something that you generally need to know in life unless of course you are creating a board game and want to know how many units you would need to sell in order to reach the list.

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Board Games: Top Sellers

Now, unsurprisingly the top-selling board games of all time (according to the website) is made up of games that have been around for a long whilst and so are established in the gaming pantheon. Let's have a look at the first 5 board games on this top sellers list.


An historic megalith of a game and one that every high school geek has played in after school clubs the World over. A masterful, mind-melting complex game that has as many possible moves as ways to lose. We wrote a blog post about its history which you can read here: A Brief History of Chess.

Checkers (or Draughts)

Another simple and historic game based on the simple principle of moving small tokens diagonally across what is effectively a Chessboard. Easy for anyone to understand and so a great board game to play with children and adults alike. We also wrote a blog post about How to Checkers which you can read here: How to Checkers.


board game played within a collapsible wooden box using counters, dice and a chevron layout on the board that is possibly unique. Another example of a classic board game that whilst simple in its layout, components and concept is actually quite challenging and engrossing, with a multitude of options available on almost every turn.


Ah! Scrabble. The quintessential word based board game played by old and young with equal amounts of satisfaction and frustration. We've all played this game and happened across a mighty 6 or 7 letter word and then waited patiently until that perfect moment when we could play it, slamming down the tiles with a smug grin, sitting back and then basking in your opponents awe as the read your 50 pointer. This triumph being balanced by your last turns involving desperately trying to put your A next to an N or a T.


And there it is Monopoly. Everyone has a copy of this game loitering somewhere in their house, attic or basement even if they never remembering buying one. A board game of both epic and soul-destroying numbness as everyone continuously travels the board from The Angel Islington to Regent's Park in ever decreasing circles of boredom and hatred of that one player who managed to snap up Park Lane and Mayfair early on. A great game for adults, children, your grandparents and anyone who will have it, please someone take it off my hands.