Ms Monopoly Board Game Announced


Ms Monopoly Board Game

Yesterday, Hasbro announced their latest version of the annoyingly, repetitive board game Monopoly. And rather surprisingly the twist is that it is female based, called 'Ms Monopoly' and it "celebrates female trailblazers!". To be exact Hasbro's announcement tweet said:

Girl power: Hasbro is launching a new version of the iconic board game that celebrates female trailblazers!

Ms Monopoly Board Game Announced
Hasbro announce the patronising new version of Monopoly: Ms Monopoly

Hasbro says that this version of the 84-year-old board game aims to hit back at the gender pay gap by having the female players make more money than their male counterparts. Ms Monopoly rules have the women players start the game with $1,900 and the men $1,500, whilst during the game's the oh so familiar passing of Go, female players collect $240 whilst the men only receive $200. Standard properties on the board have also been replaced with inventions by female 'trailblazers', although the fact that Monopoly was originally created by a woman seems to have been forgotten in this edition.

A Little Monopoly Board Game History

Monopoly the game started life back in 1903 when an American anti-monopolist, Lizzie Maggie, created a game called The Landlord's Game to try and show players the negative aspects of creating land monopolies. Her game could be played in two different ways: one where players were rewarded as wealth was generated and the second where each played to big a monopoly and beat their opponents. Now, through a few twists and turns, her game came to be played by one Charles Darrow during a dinner party. He found the board game so enjoyable that he essentially took (stole) the idea, called it Monopoly and made it popular. Charles' Monopoly did away with the educational aspect of Lizzie's original design and focussed solely on the act of buying as much property as possible and monopolising the board.

Ms Monopoly Is Not Helping

Time will tell whether or not Ms Monopoly becomes a success but just based on the social media backlash it seems most people feel patronised by this pathetic attempt to make what is essentially already a sh*t board game somehow 'relevant' when it really doesn't need to. Highlighting the fact that society treats women differently from men and then giving cheap handouts to the female players feels horribly misjudged and patronising. Even though ensuring women are paid the same as men has been a legal requirement since 1970 there still exists a gap with women in full-time employment being paid on average 14% less than men in equivalent roles. Ms Monopoly is not going to help that.