Most Played Game in the World

Picture of a board game that may or may not be one of the most played games in the world

Take a Google of the most played games in the World and you will no doubt be given a list of games predominately populated by those played on a PC, Xbox or another gaming console. Such popular games as Fortnite, Minecraft, PUBG and so on which, understandably, would make sense given the sheer volume of online players these games attract.

Most Played Games in the World (of Online)

The online game Fortnite, for instance, has a recorded 200+ million registered users as of November 2018. A staggering thought given that the game was only launched the year before and seemed to become an overnight sensation played and loved by both Premier League footballers and a school children alike. PUBG now boasts over 120 million users which again is surprising as it has only been out since December of last year, but is slowly becoming that game the 'kids' want to play more than Fortnite.

The rest of this online gaming pantheon of mass user registrations includes Minecraft, Candy Crush Saga, Farmville and at the top of the list of the most played game in the World is... yup, you've guessed it: CrossFire! No, I've not heard of it either but by all accounts, this is s first-person shooter developed for Windows and is extremely popular in the Far East, specifically South Korea and Chine; hence the massive user base.

What About a Board Game?

Well, all that is fine and dandy but who really wants to sit in front of a TV, shouting and shooting at virtual men dressed as Christmas elves whilst standing atop a rickety wooden ramp, flossing or doing that other silly dance my son showed me the other day? What? Oh, millions of people apparently. But still, there is definitely room there for those that are plugged in to get out a classic board game and play that instead.

Most Played Board Game Classics

Let's be honest, we all know the most played (board) games in the World (at least at Christmas, or round yer Nan's house. Here's a quick rundown.


The eternal board game that everyone/no one enjoys to play. Ideal for those budding megalomaniacs that relish the opportunity to force a younger sibling to part with their hard-won cash for having the audacity to put their stupid little cast iron dog on the pavement outside the monstrous hotel edifice built across Park Lane and Mayfair.

£5000!!! FIVE. THOUSAND. I don't want to play this stupid game anyway, should have let my dog take a shit on your stupid hotel doorstep.


Exponentially dull, word-based bullshit characterised by your first turn being a double-digit scoring word like 'Quasar' but culminating in everyone trying to make 'on' or 'an' in any space on the board just to get rid of their letters and finally ending with the annual argument about whether 'zed' is actually a word and the board being flipped high into the air, pirouetting back to earth in a rain shower of tiny plastic tiles that you then have to spend ten minutes scooping up and putting back into the velveteen bag.


Eternally complicated and mind bendingly difficult to master. The ultimate battle of good against evil, light against dark and played in more lunchtime Chess clubs than is feasibly sensible. We wrote another blog post about it here: To be fair it is a great game but must never, ever be played with an older sibling who is better at it than you are.


Another one for those who wish to spread their maniacal conquering sensibilities across the family, the living room and ultimately the World. Risk is a board game born out of one player's relentless desire to keep rolling those freakin' dice, even when every other player has lost the will to play or even live.

"3 of mine from Kamchatka into Ukraine" ...piss off! I don't even want Ukraine, you're rolling 3 dies and I have one, that hardly seems fair does it. Oh wait, look at what a complete freaking massacre of biblical proportions that was.

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Cluedo (Not 'Clue' Johnny Foreigner, Cluedo)

Colonel Mustard done it, in the kitchen with the lead piping. Mercilessly bludgeoning Dr Black's head to a bloody, limp, pulpy mess and dragging the lifeless corpse to the foot of the grand staircase. Cluedo is a board game based around what appears to be the entirely senseless murder of the eponymous Dr Black and your amateur attempts to sleuth your way to the murderer by basically walking from room to room and asking the other guests in the house if they done the crime or not.

Eventually, with enough questions asked of enough guests and by a process of elimination you can work out the murderer, the room in which they did it (presumably by this point that fact is obvious due to the drying blood stains) and which of the random assortment of potential murder weapons they used. Not quote an in-depth forensic investigation, using the evidence found and manipulating suspects into spilling the beans but more just guesswork; a random stab in the dark based on the fact that Mrs Peacock said she was in the Conservatory.