Most Expensive Board Games


If you are here then chances are you like board games. More likely is that you love board games and you can't get enough of them. As with many things in life, having a collection of something or having an interest in building a collection of something, whether it be board games or watches or cars, will be limited by the size of your bank balance. The amount of money you have or are willing to spend on your addiction will determine the breadth of your collection. If you have a lot of money chances are your collection of board games will be an expensive one. But what is the most expensive board game you can buy?

Today's Average Board Game Price

What's the average price these days for a board game? Difficult to say, as there are some great games you can buy for under £20 pounds such as: Codenames or Gubs, as well as heftier investments on Kickstarter goliaths like Kingdom Death 1.5. The latter being a game that broke all kinds of records when it raised over $12 million during its funding campaign back in 2016, with the delivery of the said game to those backers not expected until December 2020.

Kingdom Death 1.5 is expensive but has many components
Kingdom Death 1.5: just look at all the freakin' stuff!

Kingdom Death 1.5 isn't indicative of the genre and there are plenty of other more reasonably priced games that you can get between £15 and £50 pounds. The majority of board games are not expensive, there are many very decent, high quality board games you can buy for under £100, like Dead of Winter or Mansions of Madness. These both have amazing artwork, many, many components and large amounts of replayability so you investment is not expensive and definately worth it.

A Few Games between £15 and £20

King of Tokyo £15 Buy Now
Kingdomino Game £15 Buy Now
Pandemic £30 Buy Now
Century Spice Road £30
Great Western Trail Board Game £44
Champions of Midgard Board Game £50
Prices correct at 10/09/2019

Now, what if money was no object? What would you buy and how would you level up when it came to buying your next new game?

If you were proper wealthy you would probably find that your understanding of 'expensive' was merely different to most others and that spending £100 on a game a mere drop in the ocean (that ocean being viewed from the sundeck of your luxury yacht). For millionaires there would have to be games out there which were bespoke, hand-crafted and probably covered in some kind of semi or even fully precious stones, such that the price would warrant your interest; think the antique room at Harrods. Well, worry not as Charles Hollander has filled this particular niche sector of the board games market by making very, very, very expensive customised games.

The Charles Hollander Collection

So, who is this Charles Hollander? Well, Charles is from Belgium and a third-generation diamond manufacturer, being involved in his family business for over fifty years. The business having been started by his grandfather over 100 years ago. These days Charles and his son, Nir, head up one of the largest online jewellers in the world, GemStone King. Charles' passion for diamonds led him to create some astonishing custom creations, items that would be unique and one of a kind.

Charles Hollander teamed up with world-renowned jewellery designer, Bernard Marquin. Bernard is a master craftsman and artist having been involved with many leading design houses across the globe. Together he and Charles set out to create the ultimate in luxury jewellery pieces; unique objects attainable only by a mere handful of the World's richest elite.

$1 Million Chess Set

And so to their first expensive board game creation a diamond-encrusted chess set. Comprising all the standard items you might expect to find on a normal chess set: black pieces, white pieces, a board, but this one (according to the Charles Hollander website) took over 9,000 hours to make, or 375 days working 24 hours per day. The chess set uses over 1 kg of gold and 9,900 black and white diamonds. This particular piece was sold to one of Charles' customers for $1,000,000. Nice little earner!

Backgammon Set, BNWT, $1.5 Million

Encrusted with many, many diamonds, this is an expensive chess set
Diamond encrusted Backgammon set worth over $1 million

Seeing what a lucrative market there was for custom-created, glittery parlour pieces, Charles set about making a Backgammon set. This one used a few more diamonds than the chess set, a mere 61,082 in black, white and yellow and took a staggering 10,000 hours to complete. Sale price: $1,500,000.

The Most Expensive Board Game

Now Charles and Bernard may have the edge on shoving diamonds on to classic board games and flogging them for a shed load of cash to rich people, but they do not have the most expensive board game creation in their catalogue. Surely, that honour must go to the Jewel Royale Chess Set made in 2005 by the British jewellery company, Boodles. This utterly unique piece of tabletop finery cost a mere $9.8 million and is made of gold, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, pearls and I even think there's a little unobtanium in there too! The king alone is made of 18-carat gold, weighs over 165 grams and contains over 70 rubies and over 140 diamonds. It is literally, mental.