How To Play Checkers

A guide to playing checkers or for the English... Draughts

Checkers (or Draughts) is an old game with a history way back in the midst of time, with evidence of it being played as far back as 3000 BC in Ur, an ancient city in Mesopotamia.

Checkers is played on a board of alternating black and white squares, arranged in 8 by 8 row and thus sixty four squares in total; basically a Chessboard. It is a game for two players with one adopting the white counters and the second player the black. Each player starts with 12 counters or checkers placed on the dark squares adjacent to their side of the board resulting in eaches pieces occupying 3 rows.

The Object of the Game

The object of the game is to take or capture your opponent's pieces or move your checkers in such a way that your opponent cannot make a valid move.

Moving a checker

A valid move is when a checker is moved forward one space diagonally, so hopping from one black square to another. Checkers cannot be moved backwards, only forwards, unless the player has moved their checker to the opponent's side of the board at which point they become a King and can move forwards and backwards.

Capturing an opponent's checker

During movement a player is allowed to jump over an opponent's checker if that checker is diagonally adjacent to the moving checker and there is a free square the other side of the checker. When a player carries out this move and jumps over the opponent's checker that checker is captured and removed from the game.

It is also possible to chain together jumps of this type to capture multiple opponent checkers.