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How much is too much?

There are many things in life and almost all of them cost money. There is always a price to pay and a grand definitely does not come for free. Whether you're looking at a crisp, new, 100% cotton Oxford shirt from Mr Porter or weighing up your options on a Tudor Black Bay versus that elegant Longines, these trinkets and acquisitions all have a cost.

It generally holds true that you get what you pay for. Quality in a product is normally aligned directly with the amount of money you have had to pay for it, and such is the case in the board game World; if you want to get more components in your box, made out of better material and be more durable then I'm afraid you gonna need more dollar bills.

But, at what monetary height should we stop, look down and realise we have ascended too far and from this vertiginous peak as the question: How much is too much?

The more expensive the board game the better

Twilight Imperium

You can currently buy the big-boxed, space epic, Twilight Imperium (Fourth Edition), from Fantasy Flight Games online for over one hundred pounds! Yes, that's right, four ponies or a ton will get you a massive box of inter-galactic plastic space play contained in a box adorned with the head of some kind of regal space lion-king draped in an old velvet curtain. However, that box will be a sizeable one and will contain many, many, many pieces and weigh almost 5 kilos!


Gloomhaven is another board game whose price is currently over £100. A very recent addition to the tabletop gaming canon and highly anticipated prior to release. As with Twilight Imperium, it too boasts many, many components, fabulously crafted and rendered artwork, sculpted miniatures and much, much more.

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Kingdom Death: Monster

If, however, money is much less of a problem for you and if you can get it, why not splash out your hard earned cash of the magnificent, Kickstarter funded Kingdom Death: Monster. Yours for only slightly more than £500! That's correct, five hundred pounds.

It is an exquisite box containing over 1 million separate components, and weighing the same as a small size family car... well, not quite but the box weighs over 8.5 kilos (so, slightly more than my youngest child) and contains more cards, dice, popouts, pages and miniatures than you have had hot dinners, or cold dinners for that matter.

You get what you pay for

You definitely do in this case as the miniatures are delightfully, nightmarish creations, rendered gorgeous in hard plastic, ready for painting if you wish. The game book is larger than many Tom Clancy novels at 235 pages and there are more than one thousand game cards. It really is quite astonishing.

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