About The Board Game Box

Welcome to The Board Game Box your one-stop site for all your board game news, board game product reviews, gaming opinion and the best place to start or continue to buy and build your board game collection.

A few years ago my wife sent me a link to a board game on Amazon.co.uk saying that it sounded good and maybe we should get it and see what all the fuss was about. Reviews suggested this board game was a fun, family gaming experience, not your usual boring and repetitive slog around a Monopoly board. And you all played together, on the same team. The game was, of course, Matt Leacock's classic board game, Pandemic. We made the purchase and played out the game the first time around 4 or 5 times one Saturday evening. We finally stopped just after midnight having lost every time, but it was so much fun. Imagine that; a board game that is so enjoyable that you can play it many time back to back.

Since the initial foray we have slowly bought and played more and more board games, some good ones, some not so, but each has been an exciting adventure into what is possible with a game and how the world of board games isn't just Monopoly, Mouse Trap and Game of Life. We decided to build up this website to both educate ourselves about more games and also to try and give other web users more access to board game reviews and board game news but also to easy ways to buy the games.

The Board Game Box website aims to provide a centralised hub of information about board games and tabletop games, collating the myriad of data that exists out there on the Internet and placing it together into a single, easily navigable website. We are trying to provide users with an e-commerce style experience that displays the key information about a board game, concisely without all of the other distracting and cumbersome user interface elements you might find on other sites.

Where We Source Our Board Game Information

We have sourced data from boardgamegeek.com and boardgameatlas.com using their APIs along with utilising the data interfaces provided by eBay to pull into one place those important facts about a game. These currently include the board game overview, reviews about the game, prices and availability on eBay. We are constantly striving to improve the website so if you have any comments or requests please email us at games@theboardgamebox.co.uk.

Our Affiliations

The Board Game Box website currently includes affiliate links for our eBay, Affiliate Window and ThinkGeek.com product items, as well as including some Google Adsense advertisements. These all help to pay for the website and oil the wheels of invention and technological advances as we strive to maintain and improve the website. As part of these affiliations, we do place cookies onto your computer to help track when an affiliate link has been clicked and so receive the appropriate monetary remuneration. More details about these cookies can be found on our Cookie Policy page.

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